Portal Stories: VR

by Aaron Varshney on 20 June, 2016


The Portal series is a fantastic puzzler, it's even more rewarding and a great laugh when you play in COOP mode. But what happens when you mix it together with a new piece of technology that has you waving your arms like a madman? You get one hell of an experience. After their fantastic Portal Stories: Mel mod for Portal 2 from last year, Portal Stories: VR only takes a very small portion of new VR based puzzles set in the same universe. Using both the HTC Vive and its twin controllers, you have to solve an ever-increasing labyrinth of puzzles - room style - much like the Portal games set before it. In one hand you have a beam gun that grabs cubes, the other is your movement device. While this game can be played sitting down (like how I played it for the first time), it plays much better standing. Instead of having to physically walk to your location, you hold the trackpad down, point at the floor, then pull the trigger, you will immediately teleport to that location. A nice touch ... Continue reading →

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