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As a Technology content writer, your responsibility is to report on the latest news that occurs worldwide. This includes reporting on trade shows such as CES. AMD, Nvidia, Gadget Show and Gamescom.

We're open to all styles and levels of journalists, whether you're the seasoned journalist to someone interested in journalism and want to gain experience. If you're new to journalism then we can train you to a standard that you'll be able to start writing articles on your own.

You must have:

  • The passion to write articles
  • Knowledge of an aspect of the multimedia industry (games, film, music, etc)
  • Good command of the English language
  • The ability to respect embargo dates and NDAs
  • Access to Discord

Bonus if you:

  • Have a journalistic background
  • Have editing skills
  • Can create teleprompting scripts


  • Potentially getting free technology
  • Your name on every published article
  • Industry experience


  • We expect at least 5 articles per week and we require confidentiality where needed and strict adherence to embargo dates.


  • All positions are voluntary
  • You will get your own email address
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