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XenForo forums updated to version 2

by Aaron Varshney on 3 February, 2018



After a long time thinking about the upgrade, while the forums have little plugins, it was the best time to upgrade to the latest version and think about which plugins to use in the future. Currently there are no plugins installed as of yet, but eventually, there will be Social Groups in which you can join or create a group and have it set to either private (for closed groups) or public so anyone can join. Some groups will also be able to invite only. If you have any ideas for plugins that you would like to see for the forums, then please comment below. Continue reading →

HTC Vive Deluxe Audio  Strap

by Aaron Varshney on 18 February, 2018



When the HTC Vive arrived on the scene, it was notorious for its front-heavy nature due to a lack of weight distribution throughout the device. With only velcro straps holding it in place, the pressure on the nose became too much for many a user. While I did not have so much of the same issue as I forced the strap to the base of the occipital bone, it sat decently well, but playing any game with lots of movement quickly dislodged the strap and forced unnecessary pressure on the bridge of the nose. With the PlayStation VR and - in some cases - the Oculus Rift, it shows what a solid head strap can do to negate frontal pressure on the nose can do to the comfort of the device. In comes the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap where, instead of a direct copy of the PlayStation VR's head strap, is an evolution of the device. Granted it still doesn't have the much loved quick head-mount flip that is so useful, but it has a much comfier head strap and it ... Continue reading →

Importing SRTM data into Unreal Engine 4

by Aaron Varshney on 25 February, 2018

Unreal Engine 4


If you have wanted to create levels with accurate geometric satellite data, then look no further. Continue reading →

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