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An early look at: Battalion 1944

by Kevin Rombouts on 3 March, 2018



Battalion 1944 is shaping up to "recapture the core of classic multiplayer shooters and reviving 'old school' FPS". With the game just released as Early Access on Steam, how is the game holding up to that description so far? Continue reading →

AGNCast #6 - COOP Games and... Jurassic Girls?

by Aaron Varshney on 8 March, 2018



Aaron, Kevin, and Alex are back with more random banter on our gaming habits, this time discussing COOP games that we like and non-COOP games that we wish had. With some games to be released later this year, we also discuss which ones we hope to have COOP enabled, including a random girly dinosaurs game. Continue reading →

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