The Early Cretaceous Pack includes four new dinosaurs to expand your park with ranging from the land, sea, and air. Each of these dinosaurs will have its own new behaviours and interactions, including reacting to the environment they’re in.

The four new dinosaurs


The first dinosaur added is the Kronosaurus, named after the King of the Titans, Kronos, as it is one of the largest ever pliosaurs, a carnivorous species of marine reptiles with powerful, paddle-like flippers to help it capture its prey.


The second dinosaur is the Dsungaripterus, a small and stout pterosaur, easily identified by its distinctive head crest and its long, upcurved jaw.


Thirdly is the Minmi, a small, tank-like dinosaur belonging to the ankylosaur family. Unlike other ankylosaurids, it has horizontally oriented bone plates running along the sides of its back, making the Minmi well-protected against predators.


Lastly, the Wuerhosaurus which is part of the stegosaurid family of dinosaurs. It sits low to the ground in order to feed on lower vegetation and uses tail spikes as a defence against any potential predators.

Where to buy the Jurassic World 2: Early Cretaceous Pack

On 9 December 2021, Jurassic World Evolution 2: Early Cretaceous Pack will be available for £5.99/$7.99/€7.99 on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GeForce Now, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.