It's no secret that Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest selling game of all time and most certainly the highest-grossing game of all time. The thing is when you have the most successful game of all time go free on a platform you'd hope that things would be in place to prevent people from getting something so coveted.

Unfortunately for Epic Games, while they certainly have the bandwidth to handle almost any game in history - especially Fortnight, you would think that giving away GTA V would be no problem, but instead their store has gone silent by simply throwing exceptions, 500 server errors, I've even had many points where my language keeps changing every time time I click "Back to Home", except you can't go "back to home."

While Epic Games are working round the clock to get their servers up and running to handle the number of users wanting to snag a free copy of GTA V, it just shows that Epic Games need to create a launcher where users are able to access other parts of the launcher without being forced into a certain situation like now, especially if you're wanting to use the Unreal Engine for game development as that's also impossible to access at this present time.

The game is available for free until 4 pm on May 15 so there's no need to rush and grab it, but if you're wanting to get it right now, then I'd advise waiting a few hours until it's possible.