Ebb Software has shown new footage of their upcoming game called Scorn.

Shared at the Inside Xbox event earlier today, the game shows clear influences of H.R. Giger, giving off a big Alien/Prometheus vibe with some disturbingly beautiful visuals. Scorn is a first-person horror adventure in which players will explore a dream-like world in a non-linear fashion. Throughout exploring, you will learn more about the stories, the puzzles and the characters.

With influences coming from the works of unique writers like Franz Kafka and Jorge Luis Borges, horror and sci-fi writers like Thomas Ligotti and J.G. Ballard, and the weird cinema of David Cronenberg and David Lynch, Scorn is definitely set to be an experience that you won't forget any time soon after playing it.

Scorn will release on Xbox Series X and Steam. A release date has not yet been announced.