Valve has been ordered to hand over information in regards to 436 games hosted on the Steam Store. The report comes via Macrumors, who found the details behind a paywall on Law360. Earlier, Valve refused to give information as "Fortnite is not available on Steam, and Epic has publicly and unequivocally stated it will not offer Fortnite on Steam unless Valve changes its business model.”

Valve forced to hand over the requested information

Judge Thomas S. Hixson has ordered that Apple's subpoena for data from Valve was valid, adding that Apple has "salted the earth with subpoenas". "Don't worry, it's not just you", Judge Hixson continued. Apple's subpoena requested Valve to share data from Steam as far back as 2015, although the judge has now ruled that data as early as 2017 will be required.

That doesn't mean that Valve will go down just that easy, however, as Valve's representing lawyer Gavin W. Stok urged the judge to reject the subpoena, effectively not forcing the company to share the data. Stok states that Valve is run by a small team and that collecting all the requested data would cause the team to have to "dedicate multiple employees working full time", and that they can not guarantee to meet the request on time.

It's at that point that Apple's lawyer - Jay P. Srinivasan - states that the request should be doable, pointing out that they are only requesting data on 436 games, instead of all 30,000 games the platform is hosting. Srinivasan also continues to defend Apple's subpoena, as it considers Valve to be a prominent player in the full picture when it comes to relevant markets, such as the App Store.

Another court hearing is set for July 2021 between Apple and Epic Games. Valve's deadline for producing the requested data is set for mid-March.