Respawn Entertainment savagely bans 625 more accounts in a second band wave; this wave bans cheaters who ruin the competitive spirit of Apex Legends. The developer also promises an improved anti-cheat on the horizon.

It seems that all Battle Royal multi-players are crammed with cheaters who ruin the competitive purpose of the game for personal gain, whether that be a higher ranking for bragging rights or access to better loot. 

Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular Battle Royale games out there, wherein its first week of release gained 25 million players (more than Fortnite when it first released). Unfortunately, it’s a prime attraction for cheaters.

Respawn Head Security Connor Ford, better known as Hideout, confirmed on Twitter that “652 cheaters manually/individually banned today. Am tired. Love you all”. Knowing that Respawn Entertainment went out of their way to manually ban players shows the effort they’re willing to go to keep the platform fun and equal for the community.

Innocent players banned for being hacked by cheaters

However, many loyal players replied, claiming that they had logged on to find their account banned because of cheating despite never having cheated. It’s speculated that many accounts have been hacked; this allows cheaters to play on their account without facing the consequences.  

Twitter user @RemBomb, replied to Hideout’s Tweet, asking, “What about ppl who got banned after their account was hacked and used to cheat? Don't you guys have a way of seeing an IP across the world was used and that it wasn't actually me?” 

And @cathalyss elaborated that “it took EA 6 weeks to get my account unlocked after a hacker got me banned. A long wait but I hope you’ll both get yours back too and soon.”

These users are not the only ones claiming their accounts were banned for cheating after being hacked, and Respawn Entertainment is yet to address this issue. Many have even offered up solutions that included a Two-factor identification system (similar to Call of Duty, Warzone), where logging-in to your account requires authentication from your mobile. 

Hideout has confirmed that Respawn Entertainment will be conducting a scan on the Japanese player base due to the alarming rise of cheaters on their servers. “Plans [are] in place, that will be announced relatively soon, to help better this problem.” The Japanese player base is one of the biggest markets for Apex Legends, which is why the company is focusing a considerable amount of attention on them. However, all decisions made to tackle the cheating problem in Japan will most likely also benefit players worldwide.