PlayStation is planning on bringing more PlayStation titles to PC. Jim Ryan shared the exciting news in an interview with GQ.

According to GQ's interview, a new VR headset is in the works for the PlayStation 5, Sony's Play at Home initiative has started up again, Gran Turismo 7 has been delayed to 2022, and a whole slate of PlayStation titles are going to make their way onto PC at some point, starting with Days Gone.

When asked about the latter, and why Sony's thoughts have changed in regards to releasing PlayStation titles to PC, Ryan said that "there’s an opportunity to expose those great games to a wider audience and recognise the economics of game development". Additionally, Ryan stated that their "ease of making select titles available to non-console owners has grown".

Last year, we saw Guerilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn make its way to PC. When GQ asked Ryan how that went, he said that "people liked it and bought it". "We also looked at it through the lens of what the PlayStation community thought about it", Ryan continued. "There was no massive adverse reaction to it. So we will continue to take mission steps in this direction."

The interview does not state what other titles are planned to release on PC. What titles are you looking forward to seeing on PC?