The CEO of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick, has stated that he thinks gamers should now be paying $70/£65 for video games, as reported by VGC. There has been much criticism regarding the retail price set for NBA 2K21, with many consumers feeling that there is no need for the price to climb that much for a singular title. Others feel that this price increase has been coming for a long time.

Due to being able to offer “an array of extraordinary experiences”, Zelnick believes that software prices need to match what is being offered. However, this does not mean that he believes all titles should be priced as such. Within the interview, the head of Take-Two also mentioned that a positive experience needs to be gained by the consumer. Pricing all games at this rate may “ruin the experience” if a player feels that the content delivered does not meet the charge applied.

Although NBA 2K21 was the first game that would feature this higher price, others have since followed suit. The remake of Final Fantasy VII is currently available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store at £69.99, showing that other gaming providers may follow soon.

Ultimately, if game developers choose to market their games at a certain price, consumers will be left with little wiggle room. Simply put, they can either pay the higher price that the game will be marketed at, or go without. If more publishers opt to use this higher price for their titles, then gamers will be left with no choice except to pay more per game.

With games becoming more expensive, on a game by game basis, will this cause you to think twice before buying certain titles?