Gearbox has announced that it will be opening its second major studio expansion in Montréal, Canada. This expansion follows the Texas-based company's 2015 expansion into Quebec City, Canada. The new Montréal studio will be working on both the Borderlands franchise and brand new IP’s.


The Montréal studio is to be spearheaded by co-heads Sébastien Caisse, PhD and Pierre-André Déry, the same duo who previously co-headed the Quebec studio.

The new studio is a part of a $200 million CAD investment into the province that is expected to bring 250 jobs to the region, bringing the Gearbox team up to 850 members. 

Gearbox appears to be eager for new talent to join the team with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford stating, “The Gearbox Entertainment Company is ambitiously looking both internationally and domestically to grow our creative engine and meet the incredible demand our customers have for talent-crafted experiences with our intellectual property.” In both French and English, career listings have been posted on the studio's website.

“Montréal has become a must-stop destination in the video game industry. With world-renowned productions created in local studios, highly skilled talent is drawn to the city where careers advance rapidly,” said Stéphane Paquet, CEO and President of Montreal International. “Gearbox will contribute to the growth of this dynamic ecosystem and help Montréal shine even more brightly on the international scene.”