With its first glimpse of gameplay being shown at Sony's Future of Gaming even event, Godfall took the stage for a moment at the PC Gaming Show 2020, where a little more information about the game was given through commentary from the game's director, Keith Lee, who describes the game as a "Looter Slasher".

The story of Godfall focuses on the player, who is the last of the Valorian knights, as you defeat your enemies, collect loot to improve your armour and skills while working your way up to defeat the mad god, Macros. The player will have five weapon classes to choose from and for those who want to play together, co-op will be present as well.

Many people shared their complaints about the frames per second of the footage, as well as a variety of other visual disappointments, such as the cape clipping through the sword when the character is walking and the rather dead-looking foliage, that doesn't seem to move. The shown footage was running directly through Unreal Engine 5 and, as mentioned by Lee, is still in development and can change.

The game is set to release later this year, together with the launch of the PlayStation 5. PC gamers can find the game over on the Epic Games Store.