Senior Vice President George Cacioppo at PlayStation Network ‘has been terminated from employment' after allegedly organising a sexual meeting with a minor. Over the weekend, a viral video was posted by People vs Pred, implicating the Sony Executive for allegedly arranging an inappropriate meet-up with a 15-year-old boy on Grindr.

CNET now reports that after working for Sony since September 2013, George Cacioppo has been fired, with a Sony representative stating that they “are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment.” People vs Pred’s YouTube channel sets out to catch individuals engaged in paedophilic activities and then publicly reveals them. In the video posted over the weekend, the vigilante group claimed that they impersonated a 15-year-old boy and contacted Cacioppo online, who was using the alias “Jeff”. 

PS5 exec George Cappocio fired for peadophillia.PNG

The video starts with a group member approaching a house, finding “Jeff” waiting outside wearing a PS5 T-shirt. When the purpose of the cameraman was revealed, “Jeff” walked back into the house and closed the door, refusing to answer any questions, despite the People vs Pred member threatening to call the cops. While the video fails to confirm Cacioppo’s identity, People vs Pred provided multiple screenshots posted to Twitter by Tipster (@BanishedJourno). The screenshots detail “Jeff” and the “teen” sharing intimate sexual details, a GPS location on where to meet and exchanged photos, including a selfie of Cacioppo wearing the same T-shirt as “Jeff” in the video. 

PlayStation fans on Twitter are disgusted over the events and condemn Cacioppo for his actions; however, many are demanding Grindr to take a more active role in removing underage users from their site. Twitter user @LB_versXXX recounted that Grindr failed to remove an underage account they had reported claiming that “[Grindr] doesn’t care”. People vs Pred spoke to Kotaku, revealing that the information was released publicly because “the police department doesn’t work with ‘Cyber groups’”. However, the group confirmed that all evidence had been turned in to the authorities. 

As the situation develops, Aijou will follow up with more details, including any legal action taken in response to the event.