• Let's Sing 2021 Review

    18 Nov 2020, 20:33

    How does it compare to the previous releases?
  • Space Crew

    15 Oct 2020, 16:36

    If you ever wanted to try out running your own spaceship, crew, and explore the galaxy, then Space Crew might be for you.
  • Let's Sing Queen

    14 Oct 2020, 21:16

    In 1979, Freddie Mercury stated he was "having such a good time" in "Don’t Stop Me Now". Today, in 2020 we wanted to see if we can say the same while playing the new PlayStation 4 game "Let’s Sing Queen".
  • Unrailed!

    5 Oct 2020, 14:43

    Cooperative games come in all shapes and sizes, whether it is creating various dishes in ridiculous kitchens (Overcooked!) or escaping prison together and looking for vengeance (A Way Out). Indoor Astronaut has brought a new addition to the cooperative genre in the form of Unrailed!, which can be played both locally and online with friends. The game was available in early access on Steam since last year and has now seen a full release on all platforms.
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remastered

    17 Sept 2020, 18:11

    How does Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remastered hold up in today’s world of games and how is the experience for newcomers to these titles?
  • Skater XL

    10 Aug 2020, 22:58

    Make no mistake; if you enjoy skating games, then Skater XL will invite you right in to come and play. However, there is a significant difference between Skater XL and the skateboard games we have received so far - and this warning is for you all: Do not make the same mistake as others and misunderstand what Skater XL is.
  • F1 2020

    6 Jul 2020, 09:00

    Do the lights go out or are they stuck on red?
  • Cannibal Cuisine

    25 Jun 2020, 13:16

    With the lockdown still ever-present and the lack of social fun during the Summer still looming overhead, more and more companies are presenting ways to play our games locally rather than online only.
  • Saints Row: The Third Remastered 2

    25 May 2020, 15:49

    Originally released in 2011, Saints Row The Third caught a lot of people's attention. Since we are now nine years further, how well does its remaster hold up today?
  • Hunt: Showdown 2

    18 Feb 2020, 09:00

    If you like PUBG - or didn't like it, then here's something that will add extra spice to the genre and makes things an awful lot more atmospheric.
  • Razer Raiju Ultimate 2

    12 Feb 2020, 15:44

    Worth the price? Or only a slice?
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics 2

    12 Feb 2020, 12:56

    After the fantastic run of Netflix's The Dark Crystal, it was just a matter of time until we saw a game come to roost. Several months later Age of Resistance Tactics appears on our laps.
  • Epistory - Typing Chronicles 2

    1 Feb 2020, 13:43

    Typing games are a rarity; the idea isn't particularly new but there aren't many games out there that are able to rock it as a mechanic and make it work. This didn't stop the people at Fishing Cactus, however, and thus Epistory was born. How well does it put typing together with elements of an adventure game though? Is it successful into making it about more than just a quick typing frenzy?