The best online games to play over video chat

For when talking gets dull.

The Alita Army rises to bring the movie back to the big screen

Movies have their time and, for the most part, fade into history. Occasionally, movies may end up gaining a cult following, or fandom, that lends them to stay relevant, even months or years later. One...

Upcoming films I am itching to watch

I'll gladly fill an oversized bucket with popcorn for these movies.

The Games Vault: 3D Pinball - Space Cadet

As part of the Games Vault series, we will look into any form of video games. Once again, together with my daughter, I have looked at a game from my childhood, to see what she makes of the games o...

Video games and mental health

The mental well-being of individuals is considerably more important now than it used to be. Increasing awareness is helping a lot, but the blame still shifts when bad things happen. I want to look...

12 games that you can finish in one sitting

The value of a game should not be judged on how long it takes to complete, but on its quality.

The Games Vault: Britney’s Dance Beat

We spend so much time looking at the latest games, and those that we are eagerly awaiting, that we often forget about old treasures.

eSports are becoming mainstream sports

COVID-19 paves way for esports as it vies for viewership numbers beyond live sports.

Ver's top 10 cover songs

I delve into the art that is cover songs. Some people love them - some hate them.

Rating the top 16 Characters from Grandia

A rundown of Grandia characters from worst to best.

14 improvements that can make Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 a better game

Aiming for a better experience.

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