14 improvements that can make Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 a better game

Aiming for a better experience.

As someone who has spent a ridiculous amount of hours on the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, I have had a tough time trying to get into any new Call of Duty-titles afterwards. The 2019 version with the same name is the first Call of Duty after World at War that I have been able to enjoy - for the most part. While the game has received an abundance of updates since release and has improved quite a bit, there are still quite a few changes that I would love to see get implemented. I am well aware that some of these may not work as well in reality as they sound, but hey - it's my wishlist!

1. Split installation

Let's start with the elephant in the room; the size of this game is ridiculous, and honestly, I don't understand where it all went. There is an abundance of games out there that look miles better visually that offer more content, and yet, they don't swallow your hard drive like a small cookie. Regardless of that, even if the size is justified - why did they not offer the ability to install separate game modes only? I have not touched the single-player or cooperative modes once; if I could uninstall those but keep both the multiplayer and its free-to-play Warzone mode installed, I would do so in a heartbeat. Even if it would only take away one-third of the full size, free space is free space.

PC players were able to install only a specific mode in the past. It is rather disappointing that the developers force us to have a ridiculous chunk of our hard drive taken away by one game; especially since you can install multiple games and still have not reached the same size. Bringing split installation back would be more than welcome - and I'm sure that console players would be thrilled with this as well.


Don't say I haven't given other Call of Duty games a chance.

2. More communication about updates

I don't know what the case is for players on a console - as I barely touched Modern Warfare on my PS4 - but on PC I have noticed quite a few times that Battle.net casually downloads an update for the game with a variety of sizes. I don't know what the update contains and patch notes are nowhere to be seen. There are patch notes, but only for huge updates. Even if it is a security update, it would be nice seeing a little message about it somewhere so that I know I need to download an update before I can play. Not everybody has a superfast internet connection or even a limitless connection (not even in 2020, thanks, Belgium!).

3. Clearing all 'new' markers

The amount of little green flickering squares throughout all the menus is insane. Every time you unlock new weapons, attachments or skins or anything for that matter, the game adds one of those markers to it, so you know what you received. Currently, I tend to go through every menu, hovering over every new unlock just to clear my menus from these. Then you play a game, and you unlock something again; once again, there is a green square somewhere in your menus. I want a simple button that I can click that will instantly clear all those markers, so it isn't so annoyingly in my face the whole time. My OCD does not like that; especially when there is one of those markers that refuses to disappear. The ones on the playlists and the filter button, for instance. They just won't disappear for me!

4. Unlock tracker

While I have no interest in every little unlock that I earn - I couldn't care less about another skin for my weapon - I do see use in certain items that I would like to unlock. If there were an option to pin a tracker down onto your multiplayer's home screen, so you know what to do and how you are progressing with it, it would make keeping track of such things a whole lot easier. You would not have to browse through your weapon loadout, selecting your weapon, selecting the part of your weapon you want to change and hovering over that particular unlock to see where you are progress-wise. A simple little click that would enable a tracking overlay showing a progress bar and what you have to do, pretty much exactly like the daily challenges, would be sufficient.


Damn you, cubes!

5. Pinging

Being able to ping a particular spot or when you have spotted an enemy is a handy feature that is useable in Call of Duty: Warzone. Seeing as the whole game is all about team play; why not just bring this feature to the regular multiplayer too? Not only would this be very useful in more competitive matches; there are more than enough players who don't use voice chat in the game, and this would allow for them to be more involved in actual team play as well.

6. Fixing that teaming up 'glitch'

Not only myself but other players too have noticed that players and their teammates are invisible when searching for a game until you find a lobby. It doesn't make a lot of sense considering you just teamed up. On some occasions, my character isn't even visible. It's rather strange and random, and while it wouldn't affect the gameplay in any way, it's a part of the aesthetics that would make it more pleasing to the eye if it weren't so glitchy.

7. A proper spawning system

It is the year 2020, and yet, the spawn system is still atrocious. I cannot tell you how many times I have spawned right in front of an enemy, where I instantly get shot and have to spawn again, only to fall back into nearly the same position and getting killed once again. It is annoying, it is frustrating, it does not make any sense, and eventually, it makes you want to quit the game.

Here is my suggestion; create a spawn point on both sides of the maps for each team. Let a team spawn in the same position the whole round and make it so that it is an area that the enemy team cannot enter, nor can it be attacked by killstreaks. I don't know if Battlefield still has this going for their multiplayer games, but I do remember this being present in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. You spawn at a permanent spawn position where the enemy can not interfere because entering that area would kill them in a few seconds. Bringing a system like this to Modern Warfare would be very appreciated. 

8. Map preferences

Look, many players are seemingly in love with those small maps like Shipment - but I am not a fan of it. I avoided it back in Call of Duty 4, and I will continue to avoid this map as much as possible. There are more maps that I don't enjoy playing as much, and I am sure other players are the same. Previous games in the series at least offered a voting system where people could vote between two maps. A simple option where players can enable or disable maps depending on their preferences would suffice. I am quite sure that I am not the only player who has backed out of a lobby multiple times because a map came on that I did not want to play.

9. Map packs

A rather short point in the list but still a point worthy of adding, in my opinion; release all the maps from previous games in map packs. I am sure that many veterans of the series would enjoy playing the classic maps again in a new updated visual jacket and to be very honest - a lot of those maps were better than what we are getting these days. Send out a big survey to the players asking which maps they would love to see making a comeback. I mean, come on; if Call of Duty on mobile can have Crossfire (from Call of Duty 4) for instance, why can't we have that glorious map back on PC as well?


Crossfire; One of the maps on which I spent countless amount of hours. I regret nothing!

10. Night maps

Speaking of maps; whatever happened to those night maps shown in the past, that were part of the beta? Did those perish? All I can say is; add these maps to the game (again), please? It would be a nice variety to have these maps in there and to be very honest, I have not seen a single map in the dark since I started playing the multiplayer at launch; I can't even make that up.

EDIT: I figured out those maps are there somewhere, but not apparently they are limited to specific modes only. Really? You have a bigger variety of maps and you limit them to specific modes? Please just throw them in every mode.

11. Classic Multiplayer mode

Coming from Call of Duty 4 myself, I have to say that there is an empty spot in my heart that wishes for a classic mode where you don't have all these ridiculous killstreaks in it. Whether you make it a classic mode with no killstreaks at all or just the classic UAV/Airstrike/Helicopter-combination that was a part of Call of Duty 4, I think it would be a lot more enjoyable to play the game sometimes without being bombarded by an annoying little tank thing that drives around and shoots you sky-high.

I would even vouch for Promod/PAM to return; no perks, a select amount of weapons that are all fair against each other (so only bolt-action rifles, for instance; no automatic sniper rifles) and no killstreaks. There was more to it in a detailed form. Still, the short version is that it stripped the multiplayer to its core gameplay, made the game look clear visually (and equal for every player), which in turn increased the skill gap, as players could no longer rely on perks and guns that would make a kill easier to get. While I would love to see this type of mode return, I sadly doubt it would be a big hit nowadays.

12. Introduce (more) weapons from previous titles

There is currently a nice roster of weapons available. Though, bringing back weapons from previous games would be pure bliss. There are some weapons available that were playable in older titles of the franchise (the AK-47 being one of them) and I would love to see some more make a comeback, especially the M4A03 and R700 - those were hands down my favourites back in the day! For other veterans in the franchise, I am sure reuniting with their favourite weapon would be a welcome feeling as well.


The beautiful R700 bolt-action sniper rifle from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in its full glory; my trustworthy sniper companion back in the day.

13. Proper care and support for the PC players

Before you start shouting anything about the cheaters and hackers - I know; there is a big issue there, and it's great to see that the developers are trying to lower the numbers down, kudos to that. I sincerely hate hackers and cheaters too. My point here is not about the hacking and cheating, obviously; it's about how Activision seemingly has failed to acknowledge the PC community of their games. For starters, the lack of dedicated servers is genuinely disappointing. On top of that, there is no room for modification anymore either (and with modification, I mean creating something like Promod, not adding hacks to the game).

When looking at eSports, all you will see are players on a console at these events. Why? Why has the PC community been left in the dark on that? I may not have been anywhere near as good as other players were back in my Promod days, but I definitely would have attended events if I could at the time because seemingly, there is no chance to do so anymore - unless you become a full-on console player.

14. Gameplay fixes

For my last wish of improvement, I wanted to mention a few gameplay issues I have noticed. For starters, the hit registration seems to be a bit all over the place. I am by no means a pro player, but I am well aware that I have had countless shots that were 100% on target, yet the game did not register it at all. Meanwhile, the enemy casually turns around and shoots you easy-peasy, leaving you behind frustrated and dead. Another strange issue I have noticed occurs when you pull a grenade, and you are about to throw it, or you are cooking it, but you get shot; you die, and the grenade seemingly ceases to exist. Rather ironic, seeing as there used to be a literal perk called 'martyrdom' that would drop a live grenade when you got killed. There are a bunch more particular gameplay assets that I would love to see different myself, but those linger more toward personal choice; nerf those RPGs for instance! But I won't digress.


There you have it. These fourteen points would make Modern Warfare 2019 a better experience for me. Of course, not everybody will agree with me on these points. So let me ask you, what would you want to see improved or added to the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below!