Anno 1800
PC (2019)

Anno 1404 is a treasured darling in our all-time favourite strategy games making it extremely difficult to top! With each and every Anno game the games got bigger, more intricate, but they could never match the addictiveness and rewarding feeling of accomplishment as Anno 1404 did. Out of nowhere, the height of the industrial revolution in Anno 1800 appeared, keeping the feelings of Anno 1404 with the extra intricacies and technological advancements of the latter titles.

Truly a breath of fresh air and a complex simulation made more rewarding with being able to take farming to a new level as the major benefit, plus trains hauling materials and power for various buildings. The emphasis on workers is a big improvement and requires new strategies to make sure that everything is running top tier. A brilliant new version that Anno 1404 fans will adore.

F1 2019
PC (2019) - PlayStation 4/Xbox One (2019)

Ever since Codemasters acquired the licence from Sony it started off ok but year on year it was going downhill. Ever since 2017 they turned a new life, started engineering the game towards simulation, added a lot more content, added a padded out televisionised experience. 2019 they went far beyond anyone thought with the licence given to them.

Formula 2 plus research and development added to the career mode in such large ways that it has now surpassed Grand Prix 2 (1996) and Grand Prix 4 (2003) as Aaron's favourite Formula 1 game of all time.

Resident Evil 2 (Remake)
PC (2019) - PlayStation 4/Xbox One (2019)

Resident Evil 2 is(strike) was highly regarded as the best Resident Evil game to date with only Resident Evil VII coming pretty close to matching its prowess. Well when a remake was on the cards, it was an immediate gasp with anticipation.

Capcom really pulled it off; they took the game, added considerably more content, jigged things around a bit, made the zombies look scary, have Mr X make you flee for your life, and overall it was just Resident Evil 2 again with considerably more icing and cherries on top, wonderful!