Games of the Decade - 2010

Our favourite games from 2010.

With another decade past us, we’ve seen an abundance of amazing games come along and captivate us. With two console generations and many releases, we decided to have a look at what games we loved the most in the past decade and put it together in a list for you. We haven't ranked it, as we don't feel that ranking them would do justice to any of these titles; they are all equally awesome and enjoyable in their own way. Kicking things off, here is our list with games from 2010 that we absolutely love.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent
PC (2010) - PlayStation 4 (2016) - Xbox One (2018) - Nintendo Switch (2019)

​​​If you are a fan of horror movies and games alike, then this is right up your alley. Amnesia: The Dark Descent puts you in the shoes of Daniel, who wakes up in a desolate castle after being struck with amnesia. The atmosphere and creepy monsters that loom in the halls made this game an absolutely horrific experience in the best of ways. 

With your headphones on and playing this game in the dark, you will not find a better horror experience than this. Scaring lots of players but also inspiring others by offering the option for custom stories, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a phenomenal horror experience that fans of the genre should not ignore.


God of War III (Remastered)
PlayStation 3 (2010) - PlayStation 4 (2015)


The God of War trilogy brought forward epic stories and delicious Hack and Slash gameplay. God of War III only added all the more to that experience with beautiful visuals and incredible set pieces.

The journey with Kratos through ancient Greece is epic and filled with some perfect moments for you to let out your frustrations by hacking and slashing away, defeating all the enemies. 

Metro 2033 (Redux)
PC (2010) - Xbox 360 (2010) - PlayStation 4/Xbox One (2014) - Nintendo Switch (2020)

It was a time when FPS games were starting to become a little stale. Many of the innovations of the genre happened in the years beforehand - F.E.A.R., BioShock, Half-Life 2 to name a few, everything else seemed too similar.

Along came Metro 2033 and its new approach to the horror genre, mixing it with first-person shooting (like F.E.A.R.) and incorporating an innovative currency - ammo! The graphics heavily pushed the hardware for its time and the game still looks stunning to this day. The entire series has been pushing technological boundaries for the FPS genre and Metro 2033 was the one that started it all.


Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
PC (2010)


What do you get when you cross a dungeon crawler, a visual novel, an RPG, selling things in a shop, and bankruptcy? Well, it's an odd game that strangely, when all mixed, works an absolute treat!

We came into this game, not thinking of what to expect. With such low production values, we would not have given it a shot until several whispers in the ear of how much fun it was. Selling items in a shop went from a menial, monotonous task to something where we could become evil and start racketeering - capitalism ho!

Skate 3
PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 (2010)

Without a doubt, Skate 3 is one of, if not the most enjoyable skating games we have played. It didn't just bring great skating fun with it; it also brought the incredibly ridiculous feature with it where you try to break as many bones as possible when bailing tricks.

With the game gaining more traction again after Let's Play-channels started picking it up, we're vastly hoping to see a Skate 3 Remaster or Skate 4 announcement pop up sometime in the nearby future.