Games of the Decade - 2012

Our favourite games from 2012.

Remember that year when the apocalypse was supposed to happen? That's right, we've reached 2012!

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Gravity Rush
PPlayStation Vita (2012) - PlayStation 4 (2015)



The style of games was starting to merge on a very similar playstyle during the period after Assassin's Creed. All of the gameplay seemed to stem around a few types of quests and just rinse and repeat them all several times. Gravity Rush, in this case, was no different but what it did bring was a completely new style of game design based on the combat system.

If you're used to playing games like Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, FarCry and other games with the same quest system then you can't go wrong here, but, rest assured, the battle system, flight mechanics, and sheer enjoyment of being able to defy gravity and roam wherever you like is still unprecedented to this day, and that's switching the gravity around in all directions too.

Guild Wars 2
PC (2012)

It may not play quite the same as the original, Guild Wars 2 did something that no other game before it has done, and is still yet to accomplish correctly, that's meld the action-based combat with skill changing on-the-fly, allow for higher-level players to help lower-level players, and allow for players to join multiple guilds.

Due to the linking of all characters to your account, it allowed players to have all their characters when joining a guild, without having to join it multiple times. It's a simple mechanic that still is not incorporated in other MMOs. The scale of World vs World, the massive amounts of end-content, plus the multitude of various activities one can do throughout Tyria makes this the best theme-park MMO around.


Long Live the Queen
PC (2012)


Visual novels are a massive market that only the larger titles come out from Japan such as steins;gate. However, none come across quite like Long Live the Queen. If you're one that wants a nice, calm, classic read with a few mouse clicks then you'll be thrown a curveball immediately.

Long Live the Queen comes across very British in its approach but it also encompasses one of the darkest ways in which to train your princess to become a queen. You add points into necessary skills to help her survive arrows, poisoning, encounters, magic, dogs, you name it, the princess will die from it in the most horrible ways imaginable. Which is why we love it as it's a big challenge in itself to survive until the end.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead (Season 01)
PC (2012) - PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 (2012) - PlayStation Vita (2013) - PlayStation 4/Xbox One (2014) - Nintendo Switch (2018)

Telltale took adventure games to another level when they created their own view on The Walking Dead. Bringing the story to the absolute forefront, together with the importance of making choices - be it in dialogues or actions - gave it an intriguing twist.

While creating bonds with the characters as you play, the harsh reality of the apocalyptic setting lures around the corner and pulls you right in when you least expect it, which will result in some devastating moments that will play with your emotions.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown
PC (2012) - PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 (2012) - iOS (2013) - Android (2014) - PlayStation Vita (2016)


XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a reimagined remake of the original XCOM that was released in 1994. While it keeps the top-down view and the turn-based gameplay, it brought forth new beautiful visuals that enhanced the gameplay once more. Commanding both the XCOM organisation as well as soldiers sent on the field, you as the player are in charge of defeating the aliens and saving the earth.

It may be difficult for newcomers but if tactical gameplay is your thing, you easily get lured in by the strategic depth and becoming addicted to the game will be inevitable.