Games of the Decade - 2015

Our favourite games from 2015.

With another decade past us, we’ve seen an abundance of amazing games come along and captivate us. With two console generations and many releases, we decided to have a look at what games we loved the most in the past decade and put it together in a list for you. We haven't ranked it, as we don't feel that ranking them would do justice to any of these titles; they are all equally awesome and enjoyable in their own way.

The year 2015 is on deck in this feature.

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Cities: Skylines
PC (2015) - PlayStation 4/Xbox One (2017) - Nintendo Switch (2018)


Oh Sim City, what you could have been. A new king of city-building has arrived and it has demolished the previous Sim City games and laid down its own stamp of approval. Every year there are frequent updates that improves and expands upon the gameplay - like there wasn't much to do anyway!

So much fun yet the carnage after random disasters is the most fun yet heart-breaking moment at the same time.

Rise of the Tomb Raider
PC (2016) - Xbox 360/Xbox One (2015) - PlayStation 4 (2016) - Google Stadia (2019)

2013's Tomb Raider rebooted the franchise and brought it back to everybody's attention. While it certainly is a brilliant game, the sequel in its turn enhanced that experience even more so.

This action-packed adventure game is a beautiful chapter in the life of Lara Croft and we can only highly recommend you to play this game from start to finish, taking your time to take in all it has to offer.


Rock Band 4
PlayStation 4/Xbox One (2015)


Rhythm games aren't as popular anymore as they used to be (except for VR) but that didn't stop Harmonix from releasing Rock Band 4 and thankfully so. Fans still very actively play Rock Band 4 every day and Harmonix continues to support it by adding more music to the store for players to buy.

There isn't anything big here to share, other than the fact that it's only rhythm game on since Guitar Hero left the scene near the end of the PS3 days. We definitely hope the developers will continue support and would love to see a new Rock Band game appear on the upcoming PlayStation 5 (and PC as well, please!) but for now, we will continue to rock on our PS4.

Satellite Reign
PC (2015)

A spiritual successor to Syndicate, Satellite Reign is essentially the same premise with a more steampunk Blade Runneresque visual look.

For those that were craving for another Syndicate game in this vein (disregarding the FPS), then look no further than another complete experience that will test your strategic metal.


Until Dawn
PlayStation 4 (2015)


As a sublime addition to the horror genre, Until Dawn gave us an intriguing story that puts you on the edge of your seat all the way through, taking you by surprise and giving the story an unexpected twist.

With acting performances from Hayden Panettiere, Rami Malek, and more, a great story and the variety of separate stories per character that all come together towards the end, this game is definitely worth checking out if you're a horror buff.