Codemasters reveals info on F1 2020

It's the 70th anniversary of the motorsport of Formula 1 and there are some new additions in store for everyone.

With Formula 1 currently in its 70th anniversary this season - despite being delayed - Codemasters has revealed information regarding some exciting tidbits for this season's up and coming title F1 2020.

Firstly, there's your typical calendar of events, which now includes both the Hanoi and Zandvoort tracks. Due to there being no race at these tracks this season, you can take a spin around these circuits as an excellent addition. Hanoi is a new track. However, Zandvoort is a track that was last on the Formula 1 calendar in 1985 when Niki Lauda won his final race. With the all-new reprofiled banked corners, it should prove a high-speed circuit for modern Formula 1 cars. A big game-changer for any Formula 1 game is the "My Team" option, where you get to manage your team as the 11th team on the grid, this will make the grid up to 22 cars. 

Thankfully, Formula 2 makes a return in this year's edition. Whether it will include a full season or a story-based affair (like last year) is unknown, but rest assured it's back.


What is a surprise is to see something that most people take for "dead" these days, and that's the split-screen mode - it seems somewhat appropriate lately. Finally, you no longer have to have two copies of the game and two systems in the same home to play against each other. There have been several games bringing local co-op and split-screen lately, and it seems that this is another which is very welcome.

This season's game is celebrating Michael Schumacher. Almost 30 years since he donned his helmet and took part in the Belgian GP in the Lotus 191 and became noticed immediately due to his qualifying pace, so fast in fact that Benetton quickly snapped him up and, well, the rest is history. In this edition, Codemasters have added his leading three title-winning cars, the Benetton B194, the B195, and the Ferrari F1-2000, and his debuted Lotus 191.

As an avid fan of watching Formula 1 since the Prost, Senna, and Mansell days, this sounds like a massive exciting change for the series and sees Codemasters adding more to an ever-increasing experience. Coming this July, you will be able to pick up the standard, steel book, and the Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition.