Crysis Remastered on PC has a 'Can it run Crysis' mode

But will it live up to its name?

It has become an infamous sentence across the years and has been around since 2007 after the first Crysis was released. People still regularly use the sentence when purchasing new pieces of hardware for their PC. Having a badass setup is one thing, "but can it run Crysis"?

Now, a nice 13 years after its original release, Crysis is making its return in a Remastered jacket and this time around, the developers have added a specific mode to the game called 'Can it run Crysis?'. This newly introduced mode will run the game too its maximum potential and is designed to use every little bit of your PC to its fullest extent with unlimited settings. Of course, such a mode is irrelevant and won't work on console versions, so the mode is exclusively available in the PC version of Crysis Remastered.

Crytek shared a screenshot of the new mode in action in a tweet about the news earlier today.

What instantly caught our attention is the level of detail that shines when looking into the distance. No benchmarks have been shared other than this screenshot, however, so it is hard to say how rough the game will be on your hardware, or whether this mode will live up to its name or not. What we can say, is that the system requirements for Crysis Remastered are reasonable across the board and that the game won't require for you to own the newest hardware.

Looks like we will have to see what the benchmarks say once the game releases on September 19. Crysis Remastered will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC through Epic Games Store and has already been released on Nintendo Switch.