DuckTales Remastered back on digital storefronts

Woo hoo!

DuckTales Remastered has made its way back onto digital storefronts after its removal back in August 2019. If you missed out on this wonderful remaster of a classic, then this is your chance to get your hands on it and have a lovely adventure with some of your favourite characters! Come on, who doesn't want to bounce around on Scrooge's cane?!


Scrooge McDuck in action.

Capcom posted an announcement yesterday about its return, although there is no statement about why the game was removed or why it has returned. Upon its removal, the game was put on sale for the very last day at a staggering 75% discount. If you want to buy the game now it is available again via various stores, you will have to pay the full price again until another sale comes by.

If you want to play the beloved classic in an updated jacket, then you can find it on several platforms, including PlayStation 3, SteamXbox (both for Xbox 360 and backwards compatible with the Xbox One) and Wii U.