Half-Life: Alyx is not the last we've seen of Half-Life

Robin Walker potentially reveals more games for the Half-Life series.

If you thought that Half-Life: Alyx is the last we have seen of the series, then here is some good news for you. Valve developer Robin Walker confirmed in an interview with GameInformer that this isn't the end of the franchise.

Half-Life means a lot to us, and it's been incredibly rewarding to refamiliarize ourselves with its characters, setting, and mechanics. There are Half-Life: Alyx team members who have been at Valve since Half-Life 2, and quite a few who go back to the original Half-Life. There are also people on the team for whom Half-Life: Alyx is their first time working on this series at all – and many of them certainly hope it's not the last. We absolutely see Half-Life: Alyx as our return to this world, not the end of it.

While this is by no means a confirmation that Half-Life 3 is happening, it does seem like this is the clearest statement we have had so far about the future of the series. Walker also mentioned that it is recommended for players to refresh their memory on Episode 2. Despite being a prequel, he states that the game will still push the story forward;

Half-Life: Alyx is a full-fledged entry in the Half-Life series, both in terms of the sheer amount of content as well as the importance and substance of its narrative relative to the rest of the series. It's a critical part of the larger story, and it does push that story forward.

The appeal of Half-Life on VR brings many new elements to the player's experience with the series. With the long-running series starting in the late 1990s, Robin Walker mentioned known familiarity mixed with the new to help envision a new era of potential Half-Life games.

When the Vive shipped, we had been developing The Lab as a way to understand the possibilities of developing in VR... ...Half-Life's set of mechanics was a surprisingly natural fit for VR, even before any of the necessary work was done... ...It was very clear from those first experiments that VR was going to be very fertile ground for Half-Life.

With only a few short weeks to go before release, we will all see whether Half-Life Alyx is meant for VR, whether it pushes VR towards a new direction, and whether Half-Life: Alyx is the killer title VR has been waiting for.