Humble Bundle: Superhot VR, GORN, Moss and more for $15

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

If you're a PC gamer with a VR headset, and you are looking for some great games to spice up your library, then look no further.

Through February 25th, Humble Bundle is offering an incredible VR bundle that grants you seven games for only $15 / €13.50. For that price, you cannot be disappointed; for such a low price, you can own a great bundle of games worth $159 / €146. Here is what you can find in the three tiers;

€1 / $1 or more;

Beat the Average: Currently €12.93 / $14.05;

€13.50 / $15 or more;

The above titles are all VR exclusives, except for Superhot, which has a non-VR version available as well. You can find the bundle right here.

Humble Bundle is a digital store that sells not only games but also bundles that allow you to pay the price you want; it also offers you the choice of how much money you would like to send to the creators and charity.