Microsoft has acquired Activision Blizzard

Time to clean up this mess.

Earlier today (18 January 2022), Microsoft posted on their blog a press release stating their intentions to purchase Activision Blizzard (a collective of Activision, Blizzard and King) encompassing approximately 10,000 employees. Shortly after the post, Dina Bass posted on her Twitter about the potential acquisition.

A few minutes later, Microsoft posted on their Xbox Twitter account that they purchased Activision Blizzard with Dina Bass stating the acquisition being $68.7bn.

Activision Blizzard owns some of the biggest franchises in gaming history including Call of Duty, Diablo, Overwatch, StarCraft and WarCraft. Activision has brought back some old classics too including the recent remasters of Spyro The Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. The company has also been in a fiasco of scandals for the last couple of years seeing its stock prices plummet. Within the last hour, Microsoft capitalised on the opportunity of Activision Blizzard's slump and purchased them for $68.7bn.

Not only does Microsoft now own the titles above, but also the company King, the creator of Candy Crush. This is a big purchase that allows Microsoft to enter the mobile gaming market with experienced developers at the helm.

But, saying it's been a tumultuous time for Activision Blizzard would be the understatement of the decade so far, but with Microsoft on board, expect the first thing is to clean up all the companies from the top.