Minecraft is getting PS VR support

Available as a free update later this month.

Minecraft is receiving a free update later this month that will bring forth support for the PlayStation VR headset. The PS VR support has been a planned feature ever since Sony gave the thumbs-up on bringing cross-platform play to the game. Minecraft has been playable in VR for PC gamers since 2016 when Minecraft VR was released for the Oculus Rift. Unofficial mods are available as well that will turn Minecraft into a VR experience for those who own a different headset.

So what is Minecraft in VR? Well... It is literally that: the original game as released on PlayStation 4, but then with support so that the game can be played in VR. The differences lay in a variety of newly added settings that will allow players to tweak the game to their VR needs. Additionally, the game will have two modes to play the game: Immersive and Living Room mode. The difference between these two modes is not explained, however, so you will have to check it out yourself.

The game will play just like the basic version of the game, where players will use the DualShock 4 controller to move around, craft items and fight off enemies. While it is a tremendous move to have Minecraft VR support for PS VR, we do wonder why there was no support for the move controllers, as that would enhance the actual immersion all the more. However, it is a wonderful update for fans of the game and for VR gamers, this could very well be a title that joins their list of VR games once the update is out.

The update that will bring VR to Minecraft will be released later this month and will be completely free.