NieR: Replicant Remaster Announced

NieR: Replicant is finally coming to the west and it's being remastered instead of throwing the original unrefined version this way.

After the "surprise hit" (according to Square Enix) of 2017 which was NieR: Automata, the unreleased West release and commercial failure of NieR: Replicant was one of such that Automata was - almost - never made. Because Automata sold so unexpectedly well, SquareEnix has given the go-ahead for a remaster on the original game and bring it, also, to the west.

The NieR franchise continues as a side-story to the Drakengard games (PlayStation 2 and 3) and could end up being the main franchise in itself thanks to Automata's success. The mixture of gameplay styles starting from Drakengard and heavily mixed in Replicant was, often touted, as its inability to become a great game, merely a jack-of-all-genres yet a master of none. With Automata, not quite mastering, but most certainly refining it to a point where Yoko Taro released a monster of a game that is in our games of the decade.

Whether there will be any changes to Replicant, it's unclear right now. Only a short announcement video with stills is released. However, if they refine the experience to modern standards, then Platinum Games and SquareEnix could be in for another hit.