Nintendo announced that it no longer accepts repairs for select units within the 3DS line of systems since Monday, 8 March. This report comes from Nintendo Wire. Nintendo had previously planned to end support for the 3DS line starting from 31st of March in Japan.

The following 3DS models are non-eligible for repairs now:

  • Original Nintendo 3DS – Model No. CTR-001 – Serial numbers begin with “CW” or “CB”
  • Original Nintendo 3DS XL – Model No. SPR-001 – Serial numbers begin with “SW” or “SB”
  • New Nintendo 3DS – Model No. KTR-001 – Serial numbers begin with “YW”

This announcement has led to customers sending a huge influx of request forms onto the Nintendo website to fix systems. Because of the plethora of requests, the company has completely run out of spare parts to meet this demand for repairs. All 3DS units received by the repair centre’s location before the 8th of March will officially be in the last batch of 3DS handhelds repaired by Nintendo.

Nintendo will still repair and replace unlisted items such as the 2DS consoles, damaged game cartridges, and various accessories. You can find out more about Nintendo repairs and replacements, including physical and liquid damage, on Nintendo's Customer Support page.