Out of the Blue shows a first look at Truman Show-esque game American Arcadia

  • Editor: Aaron Varshney

A deadly televised utopia.

Call of the Sea developer Out of the Blue has shown a trailer for its upcoming Truman Show-esque game American Arcadia at Summer Game Fest 2022.

With its '70s-style look, American Arcadia takes place in a retro-futuristic metropolis where citizens are playing roles in the world's most popular 24/7 live broadcasted reality show, American Arcadia. While the citizens are unaware that they are part of this reality show, their outcome is depending on the audience, as citizens who fall out of the audience's favour are at risk of a dangerous outcome.

American Arcadia will explore the unique intertwined stories of two characters, each with their own distinct gameplay - one character will have a 2.5D side-scrolling gameplay with platforming action and puzzles, whereas the other character will feature a 3D first-person aspect with exploration and puzzle elements. It'll be presented in the form of a documentary, complete with interviews and interrogations.

With no release date set as of yet, American Arcadia is headed to PC and can already be wishlisted on Steam. It's expected to come to consoles as well, though which consoles have not been set in stone yet.