Pizza Hut launches its own gaming initiative

It seems that everyone wants a slice of the eSports space.

The UK branch of Pizza Hut has launched a gaming initiative named Pizza Hut Gaming to become the “go-to pizza for gamers”. 

The brand is set to host multiple community tournaments across various titles, and cross-platforms including cash prizes.  The first tournament, Pizza Hut Gaming, hopes to “deliver exciting influencer activations”, the first will take place this summer, with an additional four taking place over the 2021/22 calendar. 

Catriona Woodward, Head of Digital for Pizza Hut UK & Europe, spoke on the announcement in a release: “We are thrilled to announce that in partnership with Kairos Media, we are finally launching our dedicated Pizza Hut Gaming platform.”

Kairos Media is a rapidly growing marketing and creative agency based in the UK and spearheaded recent projects such as the KFC Console and drove the growth of the video-calling app, HouseParty.

Woodward excitedly continued that “We are working closely on some exciting initiatives throughout the year which will be revealed in the near future. We are very excited to finally communicate with our gaming audience directly, putting them front of mind, and, at the end of the day, who doesn’t love pizza?”

As an ingenious way to gain followers on Twitter and celebrate the launch, Pizza Hut Gaming will host a “pizza giveaway” - for every 100 new followers Pizza Hut Gaming gains, someone will win a free pizza.

While Pizza Hut Gaming is only taking its first steps in the esports world, it’s clear that the Pizza Franchise plans to stay and grow within the community. While using free pizza to attract new viewers may work, for now, it will be interesting to see what other strategies they implement to help kickstart their activations throughout the following years.