Rocket League will not require PlayStation Plus or Nintendo Switch Online when it goes free-to-play

One update for mid-September, with free-to-play launching shortly after

We reported on it earlier this summer; Rocket League is going free-to-play. Psyonix touched on a few changes that went paired with the announcement, such as revamped Tournaments, new Challenges and cross-platform progression. Today, the developer shared more details and additional changes that are coming to Rocket League soon.

For starters, Psyonix is going to change how the seasons currently run. All the current seasons will be running at the same. Rocket Pass, Competitive Seasons and Tournaments will all start anew when free-to-play hits and will restart anew with Season 1. Everything will run together through uniform dates to allow for the players to have it easier upon tracking how long you have to complete challenges and getting that rank you want before the new season kicks in.

When it comes to its Competitive ranks, Rocket League will receive an additional rank above the current Grand Champion rank. The Grand Champion rank itself will be split into three different ranks, just like all other ranks; Grand Champion 1, Grand Champion 2, and Grand Champion 3. Players that currently have the Grand Champion rank will likely be placed in the Grand Champion 1 rank, depending on the placement matches. From there on out, players can fight for that new rank: Supersonic Legend. The new ranks will also have their own rewards at the end of Season 1, as well as rank-specific titles.

While new ranks are being added, other ranks will also be worked upon in the form of a soft reset, so that players who just started playing get into lobbies with other new players, rather than more skilled players who have gotten used to the game. Psyonix explains that ranks will shift closer to the median rank - close to Gold III. Should Bronze players finish their placement matches, they could be placed in a higher rank, as to allow for more new players to join and not get discouraged by the difficulty of trying to win from players that have grown in skill and are now used to the game.

Lastly, ranked playlists will only become available once players reach level 10.

With the game hitting free-to-play, and new players are bound to join and start out for the first time, Psyonix wants to make sure these players have a comfortable experience when they start playing Rocket League. This experience will come in the form of a new tutorial that puts players right on the field. The tutorial will teach the basics of the game, what the HUD means and what the button layout is for your controller. New Driver Challenges will also be present that will allow newcomers to unlock items included in the original version of Rocket League.

Additionally, Psyonix lists a few more changes that will be coming to the game right before free-to-play hits. Most notably, Rocket League will no longer require a subscription for PlayStation Plus or Nintendo Switch Online to be played on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, meaning everybody can play the game without worrying about having to pay more for playing online. Groovy!

Here are the other changes coming to Rocket League.

  • Rocket ID Will Become Epic Friends

When the update goes live, your Rocket ID friends list will become the Epic Friends list. Friends you had through Rocket ID will transfer to Epic Friends, and any friends you currently have through your Epic Games Account will be visible in Rocket League.

  • New Quick Chats Incoming!
  1. Faking.
  2. Bumping!
  3. On your left.
  4. On your right.
  5. Passing!
  • Default settings are changing for incoming players. Voice Chat will be disabled by default, and L2 (PS4), LT (Xbox), ZL (Switch) will default to Air Roll. 
  • Heatseeker will be playable in private matches
  • New bot difficulty under Rookie
  • Merc is getting a new, unique hitbox, for a total of six hitbox types
  • Rocket League X Monstercat remixes of fan favourite songs will be added celebrating the music's legacy throughout the years (Presave here!)
  • Solo Standard Playlist will be removed following Competitive Season 14

For those who are impatient about when this update will finally hit, we've got bad news: there is no exact date known as of yet. However, Psyonix mentions that there will be an update rolling out to all platforms somewhere around mid-September, with the free-to-play launch expected shortly after this update.

Don't forget; once Rocket League hits free-to-play, new players who want to play the game on PC can only get the game through the Epic Games Store. If you still want to get the game on Steam, then you will have to buy it - since it is not free-to-play yet - now before the store page becomes unavailable. You can find the Steam page right here.