Sony has announced Moss: Book II

Finally a sequel to the fantastic VR game.

Sony has announced Moss: Book II for PlayStation VR at this week's State of Play. The new adventure is a follow-up to the 2018 VR game Moss, in which players take the form of Quill, who is on an adventure to save her uncle.

In Moss: Book II, the story continues after Quill has saved her uncle (Argus), and now they have to escape out of the castle together. The castle is filled with challenging puzzles, dangerous enemies and terrain, and throughout their escape, Quill will be helped by new allies as well as old friends. Additionally, Quill will also gain new abilities, such as being able to use the surrounding nature to create a new pathway. New weapons will also be present, of which you can see the hammer in the trailer below. Charging Quill's weapons will be present more prominently as well to help solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and defeat enemies.

At this moment, all we know is that Moss: Book II will be available for PSVR on PlayStation 4, although it should also work on PlayStation 5 through backwards compatibility. Whether the game will make its way to PC as well, like the first Moss, remains to be seen.