Syphon Filter is getting trophy support for the revamped PS+

  • Editor: Aaron Varshney

After being released 22 years ago.

Yep, you read that right: the original Syphon Filter is getting trophy support on the upcoming revamped PlayStation Plus service.

The news was shared by the original developer behind the game, Bend Studios. With the revamped version of PlayStation Plus coming out soon, the studio has added trophy support to the classic title. Achievement hunters will be delighted to know that they can replay the classic title and this time earn a platinum trophy for their efforts.


Syphon Filter's trophy support news has brought forth the question of whether other classic games will also get trophy support or not. While no other studios have shared whether their old titles are getting trophy support, a patent was published in March that details how trophy support would work through emulation. While no mention has been made of this by Sony themselves as of now, it seems that we can expect more classics (if not all?) to have trophy support. More potential news regarding trophy support might be shared during the upcoming event season.