The latest PS5 software update is rolling out globally

  • Editor: Aaron Varshney

Bringing forth 1440p, gamelists, and enhanced social features.

After a month-long beta period, Sony is rolling out the new system update for the PlayStation 5 globally to all players. This update includes highly-requested features such as support for the 1440p resolution, gamelists and new and improved social features.

The newly supported 1440p mode will bring joy to players with native 1440p monitors. Optionally, for native 4K users, you can experience improved anti-aliasing through supersampling down to the new resolution. If you aren't sure whether your monitor supports the resolution, you can use the "Test 1440p Output" option under "Screen and Video" to see if your monitor or TV supports it. Those who opt to use the 1440p resolution will not be able to enable variable refresh rate, however, as it is only supported for 1080p and 2160p (4K) resolutions.

Aside from the new resolution, players can now organise their library through the creation of gamelists. Under the library, "Your Collection", players can choose to create gamelists and add their desired games to said list. The current limits are set to 15 gamelists with 100 games per list. All content seen under your game library can be added to any list you create, including disc versions, digital versions, and online streaming versions.

Two other small additions are the option to compare 3D audio and Stereo audio on the same screen under the audio settings, which was previously not the case, as well as easier accessible in-progress activities, which are now being shown at the top of the game's hub to make it easy and fast to get back to where you left off.

The PlayStation 5's social features have also received some additions and enhancements. Players who are in a party can now send screen share requests to any party member. If your party members are playing games that you can join, you also have an optional notification that allows you to join them through said notification. Profiles of newly added friends can be visited straight from the Accepted Requests screen, and Game Base now supports stickers and voice messages.


Other new features include starting Remote Play sessions through the PlayStation app on your mobile phone, supported both by iOS and Android, though you will have to install the PS Remote Play app on the side too. All you have to do is link your application to the console in question and have your console in rest mode. Through any game hub on your PlayStation app, you can select "Play Using PS Remote Play" and you're good to go. 

For U.S. and U.K. accounts, Sony has also added the ability to search through YouTube via voice command, albeit that "Voice Commands" is currently a preview feature.