The new Batman game is a soft reboot; potential Superman game incoming

But can we play as Martha?

Geeks WorldWide has reported that sources close to them confirmed that the upcoming Batman game will be a soft reboot of the Arkham franchise.

There are no confirmed details at this point about the story, the gameplay or a release date but GWW reports that the game is expected for a Fall 2020 release, which will then be followed up by a next-gen DC game from Rocksteady Studios. They also mention that sources mentioned a next-gen Superman game being in the works at Warner Brothers.

In the past, we've had leaks happen that brought up a lot of interesting speculation about a Batman game being about Damian, Bruce Wayne's son. Before the game even had an announcement, it ended up being cancelled. Recent concept art was leaked and is supposed to make its way into the new Batman game instead.

Take these leaks with a grain of salt for now, since we have no official announcements yet. With various teases from WB Montreal since September 2019, we're hoping to finally see an official announcement and more information come along very soon.