The remake of Dead Space is set to release in January 2023

Coming to PC and next-gen consoles.

After a long absence from the gaming scene, fans are in rejoice with EA's decision to remake Dead Space, as announced last year in July. Motive Studios is taking care of the remake and has now shared the delightful news that people can expect to play Dead Space (once again) on 27 January 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Originally released in 2008 and developed by Visceral Games, Dead Space is a horror game that follows Isaac Clarke, an engineer on a repair mission after a gigantic deep-space mining ship went dark after unearthing a strange artifact. Upon arrival, Isaac learns that the crew has been slaughtered by Necromorphs, an alien species. With Isaac's girlfriend missing somewhere on board the ship, the harrowing journey filled with death, blood, and survival to uncover the mystery of what happened to the crew and the ship begins.

The remake of the game will have improved visuals and enhanced audio, alongside smaller improvements that will make the game feel a bit more up-to-date, including the game's mechanics. In various livestreams, EA Motive has shared details about the remake of Dead Space, including in today's stream, where the team showcased an early look at the visual improvements through reconstructed in-game props, tools, and environments. The lighting has also been improved, of course, by means of dynamic, volumetric lighting with atmospheric and environmental VFX, all rendered in full HDR.

“Developing this remake has been a lot of fun for us at Motive, as we’re true fans of the franchise and want to treat it with the respect it deserves. It’s been equally exciting to see players' reactions as we’re taking them on this development journey with us. We’re making great progress on our road to hitting Alpha and we’re happy to announce that the game will be launching in January next year. We can’t wait for players, both old and new, to see how we've elevated the original experience in the remake to be just as impactful for this generation.”

Phillippe Ducharme, Senior Producer of Dead Space

More details regarding the remake will seemingly not be shared for a while, as the developer has teased an October date for a new showcase. It won't be too much longer after that showcase until we can finally go back and explore the dark hallways of the USG Ishimura once again to unravel the horrifying events that happened with 27 January 2023 being the release date for Dead Space 2023.