The saga of The Witcher continues on Netflix with a second season

Henry Cavill introduced a proper trailer for season 2 of the Netflix show The Witcher.

At the end of WitcherCon 2021, Henry Cavill (known for playing Superman and Geralt) introduced the trailer for season 2 of the Netflix show The Witcher

In mid-June 2021, Netflix teased a 10 seconds trailer of season 2 of The Witcher - this new trailer is more detailed and much longer. The trailer starts with Geralt and a now grown-up Ciri travelling to Kaer Morhen. This season is all about facing fears, big statements about meeting one's destiny and changing the world, and then as we all expected and predicted, things will escalate very quickly.

The release date is now set, with Netflix confirming that season 2 of The Witcher will air on 17 December 2021 - a perfect Christmas gift Netflix is delivering us! 

During the WitcherCon’s stream, only a few small details were given: Geralt will encounter Leshy, a very nasty forest monster; Unfortunately for the ladies, scenes of Henry Cavill bathing might not be shown this time; On the plus side, Geralt will be more talkative next time we meet him.

According to GamesRadar, Henry Cavill said: “In the season 2 scenario, he is in Kaer Morhen, his home space, amongst the people he knows, and, in my opinion, I was to be verbose and be intellectual because that is what he is. He’s not a brute."

Cavill added: "It is very easy to fall down the line of him being the grumpy snowman and there is a comedy aspect to that, and I wanted to lean away from it in Season 2."

Also coming to Netflix soon is The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, an animated movie focused on Vasemir, Geralt’s mentor. Netflix announced the release date will be on 23 August, so not too long!