The unnanounced Mario remasters for Nintendo Switch have allegedly been delayed

Mama mia!

Like many games this year, it seems that the Mario remasters that were planned for Nintendo's mascot's 35th birthday have been delayed. These rumours are coming from Nate The Hate, a reputable YouTube channel that has previously shared correct details about Nintendo Direct showcases before they were announced.

Months ago, rumours started going around that Nintendo was planning to bring Mario games from the past back to life in a new jacket for Nintendo Switch. These rumours were later confirmed by sources of VGCEurogamer and GamesBeat. An official announcement concerning these remasters has not been made yet, nor do we know the full list of all the remasters that we could receive. However, the previously mentioned sources brought forth titles such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.

According to Nate The Hate, Nintendo was planning to release a 3D collection in September, with a 3D World Deluxe following in October, but these plans have been scrapped completely. The two questions now remain to be when we will get an official announcement and when we will finally see these games making their way to the Nintendo Switch. In his podcast, Nate mentions the potential for either an early October release or a November for the 3D collection, while he suspects that the 3D World Deluxe games will be released early next year in January.

In addition to Nintendo delaying the Mario remasters, Nintendo World Japan  - a Nintendo theme park - was supposed to open as well this summer, but the opening has been delayed due to the pandemic.