Three big names have joined the Epic Games Publishing family

Epic Games Publishing partners with three innovative, creative, and artistic talents in the games industry.

Epic Games has been on an upward swing as of late. More publishers are joining their store, developers are getting a more significant cut of the sales, and now three new developers have joined the ranks. As part of their Publishing initiative, Epic Games have not picked small-time developers either.

There's Remedy Entertainment, the Finnish game studio that has brought us various innovative gameplay features over the years. The infamous bullet-time with Max Payne, the dark and creepy Alan Wake, the crime-solving Quantum Break, and the latest environmental physics-based combat system in Control.

Playdead certainly isn't as well known as Remedy Entertainment, but, for those in the know, they're the creators of the popular Limbo with their latest game, Inside, following on with their light horror platform games.

The most significant announcement of the lot is genDESIGN. Created from some of the developers from Team ICO and the lead designer of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian, this is one major player in the games market that helped catapult the PlayStation 2's sales. We won't see Team ICO's games on PC due to Sony owning the rights to the IPs, but, granting total design freedom to someone like Fumito Ueda can only be a positive thing.


Epic Games are doing something different from other publishers by having extra perks. Where most publishers require them to own the rights to the IPs and have influence over the game's design, Epic Games Publishing is testing a new way of publishing. By funding the entire project and staff (like current publishers) and, once the game starts to make a profit, the profits are split 50/50 with the developer.

It might sound like a worse case than directly publishing to the Epic Store platform itself, but, this works out with no financial burden on the developer itself. Epic Games Publishing is fully-funding the entire project, including QA, localisation, publishing, marketing, salaries, and more, something a sole developer would be struggling to do. There will most likely be some clauses and the normal pressure of delivering a game as per usual. Still, this way of publishing is very lenient and open compared to the general status quo of the industry relationships between developer and publisher.

Only time will tell how this all works out, but Epic Games Publishing has picked a few of the world's best developers.

Source: Epic Games