Valve shows the final packaging and its content for the Steam Deck

All hands-on Steam Deck, it’s nearly here!

Valve announced the final packaging for the Steam Deck in all its glory after completing its Design Validation phase.

The packaging

Blazoned throughout the inside of the box are many languages of countries that Valve is shipping to. On the outside is a rather bland affair - for those wanting Valve to stick with the black boxes and blue sleeves, you’ll have no luck here - props to Valve for making box packaging as eco-friendly as possible. Keeping things very minimalist is the warning icons on the side of the box, including some very typical Valve humour but still reasonable safety warnings. However, I’m sure no one will want to throw the box on the ground, cover it in magnets, or even use it as an umbrella - you’re just asking for trouble! So unless you wanted to, go ahead by all means.


What’s in the box?

It’s all good and well having the outside so plain, but does that mean Valve keeps things minimalistic? Essentially yes, very minimalist indeed. To keep the Steam Deck safe, Valve has put the Steam Deck inside its case (I find it strange why more manufacturers don’t do this), wrapped it in a white paper sleeve with the text “Your games are going places.” Just to the side is the power supply in another small cardboard box. Placed on top of the contents is the manual. Both manual and power supply will be shipped to you according to the country you reside.


The packaging should be the final look before everyone starts to receive their Steam Deck from February onwards. This packaging is for the 64GB and 256GB versions - as the 512GB Steam Deck has a different case, we will have to wait to see what the packaging and case will look like.

We will keep you posted on more Steam Deck news.